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Carol Camper is a Toronto Canada based artist and designer. Carol studied visual arts at the University of Toronto and fine art at City College of New York.  Carol studied jewelry making at the Devil’s Workshop on Toronto’s artsy, style-generating Queen St. West. She is an exhibiting fine artist and photographer.

Since childhood, Carol has been an avid rockhound and still owns an ever-expanding collection of mineral samples. She took the opportunity while at the University of Toronto to study mineralogy. In her travels to Paris and New York, Carol veered a little off the beaten path and added museum mineralogy galleries to her long list of cultural temples to worship at. Carol prioritizes and selects the finest semi-precious stones for her designs. Beautiful stones and strong design define her aesthetic.

Carol creates fine-art inspired jewelry. Her pieces are instant classics that give a nod to the vintage while at the same time interpreting modern trends. Carol emphasizes client individuality by keeping production of her pieces to either one of a kind or limited edition which enhances their exclusivity. Carol Camper’s pieces will delight those clients who desire unusual jewelry that will enhance their personal image. They are for women who are fiercely individualistic and fearless when it comes to fashion.


For information and ordering contact us at carolcamper@rogers.com or phone us at 416-560-8315

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