New designs to premier soon!

If you love gems and stones like I do, you’ll love the new necklace designs I will be adding to my necklace page.

How about speckled grey/white/fuchsia/purple agate beads strung along side black onyx and gunmetal-coloured hematite! All 3 strands are faceted rounds hung from 3 graduated size sterling chains. It’s a fascinating necklace.

Take 7 strands of 7 differing white stones and hang them together in rows. Moonstone, Mother of Pearl, White Agate, White Jade, Quartz etc. Different sizes and textures. Variation from opaque to transluscent to transparent. Hang them all from glossy, gold-tone rings attached to chunky, brilliant gold-tone chain. How’s that for a statement! Wear it with your Winter Whites. In summer, get ready to shimmer in white silk or linen. Or Navy, or Celadon, or Pink. You decide!

Stayed tuned for the new additions to my site…


~ by ccamper on November 28, 2012.

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