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Welcome to Carol Camper Design! My jewelry line and website are slated to launch at the Toronto JCK Jewelry Show that starts in 2 days. I’m really excited! I finally get to combine my love of fashion and mineralogy. Although I’ve been designing and making jewelry for over 25 years, I decided to step up to the pros. Feel free to check out what I have here and post messages about what you think. I also have a Facebook page – Carol Camper Design. Why not ‘like’ me and keep in touch with me and my other friends on FB?

I like to keep on top of fashion trends and I enjoy the hunt for beautiful stones so I’ll be posting comments about my thoughts and adventures. Come back and visit lots!

BTW, there are two prices quoted with each image. One is the wholesale price as I will primarily be selling to buyers in the trade. The higher figure is my suggested retail price.

As I said, Welcome jewelry fans!


Carol Camper


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