Magical necklace all done! Stay tuned for its debut!

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New designs to premier soon!

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If you love gems and stones like I do, you’ll love the new necklace designs I will be adding to my necklace page.

How about speckled grey/white/fuchsia/purple agate beads strung along side black onyx and gunmetal-coloured hematite! All 3 strands are faceted rounds hung from 3 graduated size sterling chains. It’s a fascinating necklace.

Take 7 strands of 7 differing white stones and hang them together in rows. Moonstone, Mother of Pearl, White Agate, White Jade, Quartz etc. Different sizes and textures. Variation from opaque to transluscent to transparent. Hang them all from glossy, gold-tone rings attached to chunky, brilliant gold-tone chain. How’s that for a statement! Wear it with your Winter Whites. In summer, get ready to shimmer in white silk or linen. Or Navy, or Celadon, or Pink. You decide!

Stayed tuned for the new additions to my site…


Now a member of Toronto Fashion Incubator!

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I stumbled across Toronto Fashion Incubator quite by accident a year or so ago. Finally joined up and am looking forward to accessing all their resources for designers. Happy to be a part of a community of fashion designers that are building their brands, making beautiful, wearable art and being fierce and dynamic!

Exciting Magical Necklace Commission

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I’m so excited to accept a commission to design a beautiful, magical necklace as the inspiration for an upcoming magical story. I can’t offer more info until early in the new year. I get to combine my love of gems and minerals, costume design and the fantasy genre. In about 6 weeks you will see a photo of my creation and a link to a bunch of exciting, related work.

Carol Camper Design Jewelry now carried by exclusive boutique!

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Any of you folks living north of Toronto or visiting – several of my pieces are being carried by Cabo, a fantastic boutique in Cookstown! Have a look if you’re up that way.


JCK show set up

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Just finished setting up my booth at the JCK show. It went incredibly smoothly. Nothing to do before show opening tomorrow except a little tidying, getting my jewelry out of lock-up and putting it out in my booth. Big police and security presence! A bunch of them have machine guns! Well there will be millions of dollars worth of diamonds, other gems, gold and platinum there if somebody wanted to stage a big heist. So far, I’ve seen booths with the kind of stuff I don’t like – mass produced and found in malls. I’m looking forward to seeing the other designers and hopefully more individualistic and creative stuff.

Hello world!

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Welcome to Carol Camper Design! My jewelry line and website are slated to launch at the Toronto JCK Jewelry Show that starts in 2 days. I’m really excited! I finally get to combine my love of fashion and mineralogy. Although I’ve been designing and making jewelry for over 25 years, I decided to step up to the pros. Feel free to check out what I have here and post messages about what you think. I also have a Facebook page – Carol Camper Design. Why not ‘like’ me and keep in touch with me and my other friends on FB?

I like to keep on top of fashion trends and I enjoy the hunt for beautiful stones so I’ll be posting comments about my thoughts and adventures. Come back and visit lots!

BTW, there are two prices quoted with each image. One is the wholesale price as I will primarily be selling to buyers in the trade. The higher figure is my suggested retail price.

As I said, Welcome jewelry fans!


Carol Camper